Electric cars can do more than cut the pollution on our streets and roads. When they are plugged in at home they are really good at mopping up spare green energy from the grid. This means cheap miles for you and more support for low-carbon renewables. Charging an EV may also make your switch to solar or home batteries more financially rewarding.

In short, an EV can open our eyes to energy that is cheaper and greener, and that’s the start of a positive new way of powering our lives.

Love my EV was an idea that came out of our experience of switching to an EV. We needed an easy way to compare how various EVs and clean energy options fitted into our lives. Love my EV shows anyone how the right EV and clean home energy stack up for your wallet, and for the planet.

How does it work


Explore EVs

Explore EVs

Just tell us what you need from a car and we'll find the EVs to suit you.


Find clean energy

Find clean energy

Make your EV affordable and greener with the right home energy.


Compare offers

Compare offers

We’ll show you how the best offers compare, for your wallet and the planet.

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