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See electric cars with the features you need, then check which models fit best for your typical use. Different battery sizes and efficiency mean driving costs are hard to predict. We can check how you use a car and where you can charge to find your cost per mile.

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For planet and wallet

By switching to an electric car and charging using clean energy you'll make bigger savings and reduce your carbon footprint. What's not to love?

Love my EV has free tools to find an EV that is right for you, check if solar makes sense on your roof and find you a cheaper home energy tariff.

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Compare EVs

Compare all EVs on the market and explore different finance options. You've heard that EVs have much lower running costs, but we'll show you which EV delivers the best savings for you

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Puzzled about solar integration, or the myriad of smart features? Find the home chargers that work for your home

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Don't forget about the electrons that go in. Compare cleaner energy options, from overnight EV tariffs to solar on your roof

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Our easy assessments and free tools support your switch. From getting the right battery size to exploring savings from a lease, we've got you covered

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We're 100% impartial, and only show you what we really will work for you. We crunch the numbers so they speak for themselves - like your carbon savings or solar payback period

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Electric cars can unlock cheaper renewable energy generation. Getting an EV is fun, charging it smartly makes sense all round

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