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Our guide to going electric

What’s your 'all-in' budget?

It's no surprise to hear that electric cars do cost more than similar petrol or diesel cars. But, although you pay more upfront, the running costs are much, much lower.

Electric cars can easily save you over £1,000 every year in fuel, tax and servicing (and more if you pay congestion charges in your area).

Maybe you are considering a lease or subscription. These have much lower upfront costs, and get over concerns about technology or prices changing in the future.

If you commute, your employer may offer a cost-saving salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars.


Cheaper per mile


Zero road tax


Salary benefits


Low maintenance


Congestion zone exempt


Government grants

When comparing electric cars, look at the size of the battery (measured in kWh) and how efficient the vehicle is. These determine the range, or how far the car can go between charges.

Where do you drive?

The next step is to check that any EV is convenient for your journeys. Your mileage is important, but knowing about the kind of trips you make means we can match you to a battery size. Not too big (wasted expense), or too small (time lost to charging), but just right.

A 23-mile average commute is a piece of cake for any electric car. Most new models do over 200 miles on a full charge. A family car drives less per day on average. But what worries many people are the longer journeys they make less often.

The convenience of an electric car on a longer journey depends on the size of the battery, the efficiency of the car and the speed at which you can recharge it at ‘rapids’ (public charge points). Use our longer journey checker to see what different EVs would mean for a journey that you want to make in a new electric car.

If you do lots of long journeys, compare cars by range but also look at the on-board max speed when rapid charging. New models can charge from 130kW up to 300kW. As public chargers get faster, that could be the difference between adding 160 or 430 miles to your battery in 30 minutes of charging.

What about charging an EV?

Charging an electric car is what many people worry about, but it can be the most convenient thing about driving an electric car.

If you have a drive or garage you’ll be able to charge your car at home. This is the most convenient way to charge, and can be both cheaper and greener too. Getting a home charge point installed is best, but you can charge using a normal three-pin plug.

On the road, there are plenty of places where you can charge. In October 2021, across the UK there were 3,000 rapid charger locations, meaning you get recharged and back on the road in around 30 minutes!

Compare electric cars

The range of any EV varies. You’ll go much further than this at lower speeds on warm days, and around 10% less than this on cold days. Your driving speed and style also have a big impact.

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